The 5 Top and Best US Marathons worth Competing In

There are many marathon races that are run in the US every year. Runners enter for these competitions for different reasons. Such reasons include fame, the prize, fun, health and so on. That is why we have around 2,095, 000 runners in the US alone lacing up about six times a week. This figure was given by Running USA in its 2014 state of the sport report. Whether you are a devoted professional runner or one just keeping fit and training for your first race, here is a list of the most top five US marathons that are worth all the efforts you are putting in.

New York City’s TCS Marathon

The TCS New York City race is known to consistently draw around two million spectators every year. Its course passes through all the five boroughs of the NYC. It is looked upon as the peak of urban running by many runners. It is probably the current largest marathon race in the world. In 2015, the race had 49,365 finishers who crossed the finishing line.

The Bank of America Marathon in Chicago

Said to be kind to runners because of its course that is flat, fast and begins and ends in the Grant Park. But there is no kindness to runners since the flat means a faster race. With the first edition on the 25th of September, 1977 originally named The Mayor Daley Marathon’, the race has seen many national records and the four world records being set on its course. Its 2015 edition had 37,395 finishers.

The Boston Marathon

This race is the oldest in the world and probably the most popular marathon in the US. The very first edition dates as far back as 1897. It takes place on the 3rd Monday of April – which is Patriots’ Day – every year. It is also New England’s most popular and the widely watched sporting event with about 500,000 spectators every year. 26,612 runners crossed the finishing line in the race’s 2015 edition.

The Marine Corps Marathon

This Arlington, Virginia race like the name indicates, takes place at the US Marine Corps headquarters. It is a means by which the US Marine Corps generates the goodwill of the community, encourages physical fitness and actually highlights its organizational and competence skills. As it is opened to runners beginning from the age 14 and does not offer any financial prize, the race is called The People’s Marathon’. The first edition took place on the 7th of November, 1976. The 2015 edition witnessed 23,184 runners crossing the finishing line.

The Asics Marathon in Los Angeles

Impressed with the euphoria and glamour of the 1984 Olympics and the rising reputation of marathons sprouting up in Chicago and NYC, the LA city asked for marathon hosting proposals. It joined the big cities that hosted marathons on March 9th, 1986. The city has tried many course layouts before settling for the current Stadium to Sea’ course layout. The 2015 edition recorded 21,940 finishers.

Whether you are in it for the fame, money, fun or just to keep fit, all of these US marathon races are worth the sweat and efforts you have put into your preparations.